Alabama DWI Laws


Alabama State, like the other states of US, has DUI laws that restrict the person from driving their vehicle when they are under the influence of alcohol or other hazardous substances. Similar to Alaska DWI laws, Alabama DUI laws should be strictly followed by all the Alabama drivers. They should not exceed the legal alcohol limit which 0.08 in Alabama. There were nearly 445 of alcohol related fatalities marked in the year 2006 in Alabama.  

Alabama DUI laws, like Alaska DWI laws of US, include two cases following an arrest for every Alabama DUI:
First is the criminal case, which is carried out in the court.
The second is Alabama Department of Public Safety driver’s license case. The second case affects the driving rights of the accused person. It is more time sensitive
Since both these cases are extremely serious and accused should immediately contact a DWI lawyer for legal assistance.

There has been a great increase in Alabama DUI penalties and it ranges depending upon prior DUI convictions:

  • First DUI Offense-The accused is punished by 1 year of jail and fine between $600 and $2,100.

  • Second DUI Offense- The accused is punished by 5 years of jail and fine between $1,100 and $5,100.

  • Third DUI Offense- The accused is punished by more than 60 days and less than 1 year of jail and fine between $2,100 and $10,100.

  • Fourth DUI Offense- The accused is punished by more than 1 year and less than 10 years of jail and fine between $4,100 and $10,100.

A conviction for DUI in Alabama will have long lasting consequences. Therefore it is better to hire an experienced DUI lawyer who have good understanding about DUI laws and can better defense your case.
The accused person has few rights if he/she is under arrest for going against Alabama DUI laws. The accused can converse with his/her lawyer before going for BAC test. In the absence of lawyer, the accused can ask the police to provide him/her with a police phone dairy to search a good defending lawyer.

Some of the good lawyers for DUI in Alabama are as follows:
Law firm of Burke Harvey & Frankowski- The team of attorney have more than 30 years of collective experience. These attorneys have good knowledge about Alabama DUI laws and are committed to protect Alabaman’s rights.

Law office of Patrick Mahaney- This defense lawyer has ample of experience and legal insight to deal the toughest Alabama DUI cases.
The Oncale firm- At this firm, every Alabama accused receives individual attention and care from experienced team of lawyers. They ensure best possible result for your case.
Just as Alaska DWI laws, even Alabama DUI laws are strongest in the nation and if you wants to protect your rights following an arrest for Alabama DUI, it is necessary to contact an Alabama DUI defense attorney.

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