Arizona DWI Laws 


Tough penalties are imposed by Arizona laws for many crimes ranging from dwi to dangerous crimes done with weapons. This action is done to reduce down the cases from drunken driving. The laws of Arizona dui are somewhat similar to that of the Arkansas dui laws. According to the Arizona dui laws it is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs and a combination of both even to the slightest degree. If you are the resident of Arizona and has been caught for dwi you will have to undergo BAC test which has a legal limit of 0.08 %.

Arizona dwi arrest can lead you in 2 cases:
In case you have been arrested under Arizona dwi, you will have to undergo through two separate proceedings. The first one is the criminal proceeding for DWI offence which will be carried in the courtroom and the other one is the civil proceeding which will determine whether you are entitled to license or not. The hearing of this will be done by Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles.

Effect on driving license after dwi arrest:

If the BAC results shows 0.08% or higher the cops will seize you’re driving license and provide you a temporary license which is valid up to 15 days. At the time of these days you can request for additional temporary license for working purpose. If you are from out of the state and arrested in Arizona, cops does not have the right to seize your license but will give you a notice of suspension of your privilege to drive in Arizona.

Fines and punishments that you need to undergo for Arizona DWI arrest:

First drunk driving conviction:  Fine of $450 plus another $500 for DUI assessment and jail for 10 days. Seizing of license may be from 90 to 360 days depending upon the circumstances.

Second drunk driving conviction:
Fine of $900 plus another $1250 for second DUI assessment and jail for 90 days, along with seizing of license for one year.
Third drunk driving conviction: Fine of $1350 plus $250 DUI assessment plus $1500 aggravated dui assessment fee. Your license will be seized for 3 years.
Once you get arrested it is very essential that you act quickly and seek the advice of some good Arizona dui attorney to help you out.

Arizona’s good dui attorneys:
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Bergman Law Office, PLLC:
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