Arkansas DUI Laws 


Driving while intoxicated and driving under intoxication is against the law in the state of Arkansas. The Arkansas dui laws where designed to protect the people using roadways from death and injury from the drunk drivers. There is a limit of BAC test that is 0.08% which should not be exceeded while driving for the people who drink and drive. The laws of Arkansas dui are complex but similar to that of the laws of the California dwi laws and so it is important that you know about Arkansas dwi law when arrested.

Each Arkansas dwi arrest will be triggered in two cases:
The first one is public safety case of Arkansas department which will affect your license privilege. And the second one is the criminal court case which will lead to imposition of different types of drinking punishments. One more case in which you can be triggered but it depends upon you to avoid this is because if you refuse to undergo the chemical test after an arrest it is regarded as a criminal offense.

Criminal punishments when you get arrested:
First DUI offence:
 One day or one year in jail and also the fine can range from $150 to $ 1000.

Second DUI offence:
Seven days to one year of jail or not less than 30 days and also a fine of not less than $400 nor more than $3000.

Third DUI offence:
Jail period can range from 90 days to 1 year but not less than 90 days and also a fine of not less than $900 no more than $5000.

Fourth DUI offence:
Jail period can range from one year to six years or not less then 1 year of community service and fine from $900 to $5000.

Fifth DUI offence:
Jail period can range from two years to ten years and the fine remaining same as the fourth DUI offence.
Some of these punishments are alike California dwi laws but to get detailed information on it you will need to do a bit research.

How Arkansas dui affects your license privilege:

If it is your first Arkansas dui offence your license will be suspended for 120 days and incase of refusal of chemical test your license will be suspended for 180 days. At the time of second offence license will be seized for around 24 months and 2 year of seizing in case of refusal for chemical test. In case of third time offence your license will be suspended for 30 months and 3 years incase of refusal.  If it is your forth time than it will be taken for 4 years and refusal will lead you to lifetime revocation. Seizing of license for California dwi laws can be a bit different. But there some rights of which you can take advantage off and efficient lawyer will help you to know your rights.

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