California DWI Laws 


California DWI Laws are applicable to the drunken drivers, just as they are applicable in other states of US. They are pretty similar to Colorado DWI laws. If a drunken driver is caught driving, California’s DWI laws can turn his/her life upside down. Thus, driving any vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol is a serious offense in California. According to California DWI, the legal alcohol limit is 0.08. Last year, there were around 1153 cases of accident caused by the drivers who were at or above 0.08 alcohol limit.

Two separate cases will be triggered by every California DWI arrest:

One is the court case or criminal proceeding for DWI charge which has to be resolved in California Judicial System while the other is the civil proceeding which is conducted through California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The second proceeding will determine whether or not you can keep your driving license. The accused drivers should take both the cases seriously as any disruptive behavior on their part can cause them high penalty.

In California, conviction for the crime of DWI carries following punishments and penalties:

First DWI penalty- With first offense, there is 48 hours of jail time with a fine of $1400 to $1800 and 6 month loss of driving license.

Second DWI penalty- There is 96 hours of jail time with a fine of $1800 to $2800 and 2 year loss of driving license.

Third DWI penalty- There is 120 days of jail time with a fine of $1800 to $2800 and 3 years loss of driving license.

Fourth DWI penalty- If the DWI crime is for the fourth time, there is 3 years of jail with permanent loss of license.

When a person is caught for driving under the influence of alcohol in California, he/she should quickly understand California court system or appoint a skillful defense lawyer who can effectively navigate the system for his/her clients. Quick action on the part of accused person can help him/her to protect his/her CA driver’s license.
If you break California DWI laws, there are some rights which you can have like those with Colorado DWI laws. Firstly, the accused drunker have 10 days of time, from the day of arrest, to request a hearing with DMV. Secondly, you can have a conversation with your lawyer before going for BAC check. In case you do not have a defense lawyer, you can request the cop to give the contact number of DWI attorney.

The following are good attorney in California for California DWI:

Lawrence Taylor: Law offices of Lawrence Taylor have over 14 years of experience and they have built excellent reputation in the field. This large firm has technical support staff of experts and officers who can aptly deal with DWI cases.
Darryl Genis’s and James M. Webster’s firms: they are certified lawyers with years of experience in the field.
Jeffrey C. Stotter and Terry A. Wapner
Contacting California defense attorney is utmost important for DWI so that your rights are protected and you are able to easily navigate for driving while intoxicated.

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