Colorado DWI Laws  


Negligence of drunken drivers in Colorado has resulted in too many accidents. Such accidents can change the life of people instantly. In USA major reason behind accidents is drunk driving. Over 5, 00,000 people have been injured due to such driving. In order to control this there have been some changes in the Colorado DWI laws. Before the limit of alcohol in blood was around 0.10 but now it has been reduced to 0.08. Connecticut DUI laws also state same [0.08] limit of alcohol in blood.

Here are the two possibilities when you get arrested for DWI:

  1. Court case: Here the decision is taken by court, whether they should keep you in remand or not. Decision depends on the damage that is caused due to the victim because of your driving. Court may impose criminal penalties whereas Colorado department of revenue may impose administrative penalties.  
  2. Licensing: Suspension or revocation of license is possible. Usually if it is your first offence then your license may get suspended for 90 days. But if you refuse to have a blood test then your license will get suspended for 1 year. Take the help of attorney and apply for provisional license which is also called as “red license”. Even Connecticut DUI laws state similar possibilities.

Penalties convicted of DWI:

As per the current law victims are allowed to file case against drunken drivers for compensation. In earlier days offenders did not had to face harsh punishments. But now offenders have to pay huge fines and also have to bare imprisonment. In Colorado if BAC is above its limit then you have to compulsory bare 8 days imprisonment. Depending on the circumstances there are chances of spending 60 days to 1 year in jail. Apart from imprisonment they may also allege fine of around $400 to $1200.
As far as attorney fees are concerned, it differs for every case. Once any kind of case related to offense driving is filled against you in Colorado then you may have to face lot of consequences. It may also affect your employment or personal freedom.

Why is it essential to have efficient Colorado DWI attorney?

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If you want to have positive outcome in your case then hiring professional Colorado DWI attorney can help you out. You may have limited period of time to save your license, so opt for a suitable attorney today itself. When compared to Connecticut DUI laws, Colorado DUI laws are quiet similar.

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