Connecticut DUI Laws 


In the state of Connecticut, many new measures are adopted in order to control drunken driving. Driving under the influence of alcohol is considered as criminal offense. Connecticut DUI laws have become strict just like Delaware DWI laws. Here any person who is operating vehicle need to go with BAC [blood alcohol concentration] test. This test is done on Intoxilyzer 5000EN machine. Whether it may be drugs or alcohol it is accurately detected in this machine. Legally you will not be considered as intoxicated if your BAC level is below 0.08. This rule differs for people who are below the age of 21. For them the legal limit is 0.02.

Two adversaries, once you get arrested in Connecticut:

First legal forum which you have to face is criminal court. Here there are possibilities of going to jail, paying fines, suspension of license and probation. Hiring professional as well as experienced attorney can help you to get rid of this problem.
Second is administrative DMV hearing which is conducted by department of motor vehicle. Connecticut DUI law states that in administrative process license gets suspended automatically and then you have to ask for hearing. In order to get your license back, it is essential to take these charges seriously.

What are penalties once you are convicted?

  • 1st offense: When test results are above 0.08 you are liable to have mandatory jail for 48 hours. You may also get suspended for 100 hours community services and 6 month jail is also possible. As a fine you may have to pay minimum $500 to maximum $1000. Suspension of driving license is also possible for 1 year.
  • 2nd offense: Again within the period of ten years if BAC goes above 0.08 then person may have to pay fine up to $1000 to $4000. For 120 days compulsory person has to go in jail. License may get suspended for 3 years.
  • 3rd offense: If with a 10 year period BAC test goes above 0.08 then person may have to pay fine of around $1000 to $4000. He/she has to face mandatory jail for 120 days and threes years of suspension. In this category probation as well as revocation of license is also possible.

If you refuse to do the test then you may have to go to jail for 180 days. Amount of penalty that you are paying depend on the situation. One bad drive can make you criminal from honest citizen. Once you are arrested for Connecticut DUI, police has to inform this to department of motor vehicles. They will then send you the notice of license suspension. In order to effectively deal with various offense you need an attorney.

Selecting Appropriate Connecticut DUI lawyer

Carbutti Law Firm provides the consultant or attorneys which are experienced and qualified enough. They will see to it that personal attention is given to your problem and is solved accurately. Whether it is personal injury or criminal defence, they can handle every matter as they are in to this field since many years.
Once you are arrested for Connecticut DUI then it can have bad impact on your life as they have toughest laws just like Delaware DWI laws. Look for the professional attorney and get your problem solved as soon as possible.

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