Delaware DWI Laws 


Delaware dwi laws are two part laws as it is unlawful for any person who is intoxicated to drive a motor vehicle as well as it is unlawful for any person to drive the motor vehicle if at that time the alcohol concentration in the blood and breath was 0.08%. Many Delaware people find it difficult to understand the Delaware dwi law as it being complex in nature however it is somewhat same as Florida dui laws. In recent times it has been observed that there has been a lot of cases of drunken driving through which may people have been injured.

Delaware dui results in two separate cases which are as follows:

Before discussion about the two cases one more case that can trigger you is the offence you do by denial of performing chemical test.

  • The foremost one is that which will trigger a court case wherein you will need to face imprisonment, pay off fines and many more.
  • Another one is Delaware dui administrative hearing, this is where your lawyer will request for the hearing or else your Delaware driving license will be suspended.

The above given are two cases of Delaware dui which are also similar for Florida dui laws.

Punishments ordered in criminal court case:

4th arrest for Delaware dui:
Punishable fine can be from $200 to $6000 and two to five years of imprisonment

3rd arrest for Delaware dui:
Imprisonment for one year and a fine between $1000 and $3000.

2nd arrest for Delaware dui:
Fines can be as low as $575 or as much as $2300 and imprisonment for 60 days to 18 months.

1st arrest for Delaware dui:
You will have to pay fine of $1150 or the imprisonment for six months.

Drivers license suspension for Delaware dui arrest:

At the time of the arrest your driving license will be taken by the cops and they will provide you with the temporary license.  You will soon have to take some action as your license can be revoked if the period of temporary license is expired. If you have gone through the chemical test during the arrest, the revocation of your license can be for 3 months in case of first offence, 1 year for the second offence and 18 months for the third and subsequent offences.  However there are a few rights which will help you to retain your license and a proper lawyer can help you out. The license revocation Florida dui laws are different from that off Delaware dui laws.

Few lawyers of whom you can take help off:

The Freibott Law Firm, P.A.:
They provide skilled legal representative who have full knowledge to help you out. The lawyers of this firm can be very helpful as they have experience as well as resources to serve you the best results.
Law Office of Ronald D Phillips  Jr. P. A:
The lawyer here first listens to what you have to say and finally takes legal actions to support you and rescue from the criminal case.
These are the lawyers of Delaware but you can also find the lawyers in Florida to help you with your dui arrest who better understands Florida dui laws.

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