Georgia DWI Laws 


In Georgia there are two types of DWI cases; one is when you are arrested for bad driving and another which is based on blood alcohol level. Your first priority will be saving your driving license as you only get 10 days from the date of arrest to take certain steps according to Georgia DWI law. These laws are quiet similar to Hawaii DUI laws.

Drunk driving can be the frightening experience as criminal record is filed against you. This can affect your prestige and your work may also suffer. So it is essential to take quick action if you are caught in to any of these matters. As per the “Per se” DWI law you are liable to get punished if the content of BAC goes above 0.08.

Georgia DWI laws set off two different cases:

Person arrested for DWI will be subject to court case or administrative revocation. Court case can result to punishments like paying penalties, jail time, etc. If because of offender someone is injured or killed then fine charged may be high or number of days to be fritter in the jail will be high. Administrative revocation is basically carried out by the particular state department of motor vehicle. In such case there are chances of suspension of license or paying harsher penalties.

Refusal of BAC test can put you in a problem as your license can get suspended for the period of one year. Usually when you fall under Georgia DWI case and if you are guilty then there are three offenses:

First offense
Fine: $300 to $1000
Imprisonment: 10 days to 12 months
Community service: 40 hours. If BAC is registered below 0.08 then judge may reduce community service up to 20 hours.
Probation period: 12 months including time served
License suspension: 1 year

Second offense
Fine: $600 to $1000
Imprisonment: 90 days to 12 months. For minimum 72 hours you need to be behind the bar.
Community service: 30 days
Probation period: 12 months including time served
License suspension: 3 years

Third offense
Fine: $1000 to $5000
Imprisonment: 120 days to 12 months. At least for 15 days person is kept in remand.
Community service: minimum 30 days
Probation: 12 months deducting time served
License suspension: 5 years

Just like Hawaii DUI laws, even Georgia DWI laws are very strict. If you want to save yourself from DWI consequences then you need to appoint experienced attorney.

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Though the Hawaii DUI laws and Georgia DWI laws are same but it can be beneficial if you select the attorney of your area. If you are resident of Georgia and are facing DWI problem, then get hold of services provided by Clay Davis. Save your license………don’t drink while driving.

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