Hawaii DUI Laws 


Hawaii dui laws as somewhat similar to those of the Idaho dwi laws and all other states in USA. DUI charges in Hawaii are classified as operating motor vehicle under the influence of intoxicants like alcohol and any hazardous substances. The law also states that the person arrested in this case should undergo a BAC test and the legal limit for arresting a person under BAC test is 0.08% or higher. The Hawaii dui laws are framed to be tough to reduce the chances of accidents and injury caused due to the drunken driving.

Usually there are two cases wherein you will get charged if you get arrested under Hawaii dui laws:

Those that are arrested will be defendants in the district court case which will announce punishments, fines or penalties, etc. They will also face an Administrative Driver’s License Suspension wherein their license will be at danger. These two cases are quite different from one another. There is one more possibility of case that is if you refuse to go through BAC test after the arrest, it is considered to be criminal offense. These cases criteria after the arrest are similar to that of Idaho dwi laws.

Drunken driving penalties for DWI are as follows:

First drunk driving conviction-For the first conviction in Hawaii your license can be suspended for 90 days to 1 year. You will also be entitled to jail for 48 hours to 5 days with a fine of $150 to $1000.

Second drunk driving conviction-For the second conviction in Hawaii your license will be suspended for minimum 1 year and maximum of 2 years. You will either be receive 240 hours of community service or jail for 5 to 14 days and a fine ranging between $500 to $ 1500.

Third drunk driving conviction-For the third conviction in Hawaii your license will be suspended for around 1 year to 5 years. You will also receive a jail for minimum 10 days to maximum of 30 days and a fine ranging between $500- $ 2500.

Fourth drunk driving conviction-For fourth conviction you will considered as a habitual offender. You will also be announced to imprisonment for 5 years with a mandatory revocation of license for no less than 1 year.

In case of dui arrest it is very important that you act quickly as your license will be hampered to a large extent.
You can take the advantage of some rights during the arrest. One of the rights you can take advantage of is that you can speak to your DUI lawyer before undergoing a BAC test. If you do not know any such lawyer you can ask to the cops they can help you out with the lawyer. These dui arrest rights are similar to rights of Idaho dwi laws.

A few Hawaii dui law firms that can help you to fight your dui arrest are as follows:

Law Office of John Schum, L.L.L.C.
The attorney here as an experience of more than 18 years which has made the attorney to know the system very well and can make it work for you.
Law Office of Paul Cunney
The attorney here has a very good court room experience and full knowledge of law which will enable you to obtain the most beneficial results for your case.
To preserve your rights it is recommended that you seek the help of the Hawaii dui lawyer if you are been arrested for drunk driving.

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