Indiana DWI Laws 


Thanks to the strict laws of Indiana, due to which there has been decline in number of accident cases. Indiana DWI law falls under two cases, one is when accident causes due to drunk driving and another is when BAC [blood alcohol content] crosses over 0.08. Indiana law is little different from the laws of other states. Once if you get arrested in Indiana for DWI, it will be arresting officer who will decide whether to conduct blood test or urine test. You can also not consult your attorney before taking any of such tests. Statistic result says that in last few years there have been around 247 cases registered for people driving with BAC level above 0.08.

Two different Indiana DWI cases
Just like Kansas DUI laws, even Indiana DWI law is the offense that creates two different cases. Among these cases one is court case and another is case handled by department of motor vehicles. Basically court cases result in paying fines, suspension of license and jail. If the case goes to department of motor vehicle hearing then it can lead to suspension of license. Once you get arrested, your license will be taken by the officer and then other procedures may begin. This does not mean you are suspended; you can apply for duplicate license until and unless court gives you statement of suspension.

What rights you possess when you get arrested for DWI?
Two different cases are allowed because DMV [Department of Motor Vehicle] case is not considered as criminal case. If by administrative action your license is suspended then you can even challenge their decision. Though it may sound little complicated, but if you hire experienced attorney then your license can be saved. You have right to fight for your license.

Fines charged for different Indiana DWI cases

1st conviction:During the time of first offence you may have to pay fine of around $300 to $500 and jail time can be up to 1 year. For maximum 30 days suspension of license can be done.

2nd conviction:As compared to first offense, in second offense you may have to pay more fine up to $10,000. Depending on the situation jail time can be of minimum 5 days and maximum 3 years. Your license can get suspended for 6 months or somewhere between 2 years.
3rd conviction: Fines are determined by court in third offense and alcohol rehabilitation classes are also given. Jail time is 10 days to 3 years. Minimum period for suspension of license is 1 year and maximum period is of 10 years.

Good Indiana DWI lawyers
Tony Zirkle, the head of Indiana, Idiana criminal defense law lawyer has experienced attorney in his firm. They provide excellent quality of legal services to the residents of Indiana and are capable enough to handle wide variety of cases. Their professional representatives will have personal chat with client and will see to it that their interest is protected. They understand the importance of your license and will provide you best possible defense.
Indiana DWI laws are similar to that of Kansas DUI laws and so you can also consult attorney of Kansas if required. Get in touch with these lawyers to solve your Indiana DWI case aptly.


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