Iowa DWI Laws 


It is not safe to drink and drive in any part of the world, the same applies for the people of Iowa. DWI laws in Iowa have been drafted in order to ensure that the offenders can keep away from such habits and hence a lot of accidents can be avoided.

DWI or Driving under intoxication can be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or a combination of both. As per the laws, a person whose blood alcohol level is .08% or higher is considered to be under the influence of alcohol and can be held guilty for driving in such a condition.

The DWI laws have been clearly defined and a person can only said to be arrested if: "the immediate, actual physical control over a motor vehicle that is in motion and/or has its engine running."

An individual guilty can be arrested under two different cases for drinking and driving, one would be a normal court case while the other is a case registered with the Iowa motor vehicle division.

If a person is arrested for the first time, a serious case could lead to a year in jail and/or up to $1500 fine. However, the minimum mandatory punishment includes a couple of days of imprisonment and $1250 fine along with a $400 govt. surcharge. A second time offender can be into deeper trouble as a serious second offence would mean a couple of years in jail and/or a hefty $5000 fine, while a minimum mandatory punishment would mean a week in jail and $1850 in fine. A third time would put you into deeper trouble as it could mean 5 years of imprisonment and/or $7500 fine, while the minimum mandatory punishment is a month in jail and $3125 fine.

In case you are arrested under a DWI case it is very important to get in touch with a lawyer at the soonest as the lawyer can help you learn your rights as well as fight out of the case. One of the obvious rights you have is to consult a lawyer before being subjected to any kind of tests at the station. Also, as per the 5th amendment a statement of yours cannot be used against you as evidence. Also you do not have to take the preliminary breath test as it is not that reliable. In case you are arrested while trying to access your rights as per law, your case will turn out to be all the more stronger, do not get intimidated by the office, remember your rights!

There are quite some attorneys that you can refer to incase you have a DWI case filed, here are a few lawyers that you can trust during your crisis:

  1. Robert Rehkemper
  2. Cory Gourley
  3. Peter Hansen
  4. Matthew Lindholm
  5. Patrick Dillon


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