Kentucky DWI Laws  


Kentucky DWI laws are very tough and complex. As per the laws, it is a serious crime to drive while under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs. By violating the laws, the victims have to face huge penalties and punishments. Exceeding the legal level of alcohol consumption which is 0.08 is a grim offense.

Kentucky DWI arrests triggers following two separate cases:

  1. Kentucky Bureau of Motor Vehicles case where the driving rights of the arrestee are at risk.
  2. The court case where heavy penalties like jail time, fines, and more are imposed on the arrestee.

When the person is claimed guilty for DWI in Kentucky, he/she should agree to undergo for chemical test involving blood alcohol content check, or else another crime can be imposed.

Illegal offenses upon conviction for Kentucky DWI are imposed, as follow:

Fourth DWI offense- The arrestee has to face 1 to 5 years of jail sentence and a fine of $1,000-$10,000.

Third DWI offense- The arrestee has to face 30 days to 1 years of jail sentence and a fine of $500-$1,000.

Second DWI offense- The arrestee has to face 7 days to 6 months of jail sentence and a fine of $350-$500.

First DWI offense- The arrestee has to face 48 hours to 30 days of jail sentence and a fine of $200.00-$500.00.

It is critical to immediately contact a skillful and experienced DWI lawyer when you are arrested for drunk driving in Kentucky. Quick action following the arrest can help the arrestee to protect his/her driving license and driving rights.
Even when you have violated Louisiana DUI laws, you have some legal rights for yourself. One is that you can have a word with your attorney before going for a chemical test or BAC test. You also have the right to ask for a lawyer, if you don’t have one.
In the state of Kentucky, there are some good lawyers whom you can contact for your Kentucky DWI case.

They are:
Law office of James S. Arnold- The lawyers at this firm are dedicated to protect your rights and fight for you. They have good experience in handling the DWI cases and are complete aware about the laws pertaining to Kentucky DWI.
Andrew T. Coiner- This certified lawyer has successfully fought more than 100 DWI cases and has given justice to his clients.
John Bahe & Brian Cook- These lawyers are committed to defend the rights of those who were arrested for Kentucky DWI. They are excellent and affordable criminal defense attorneys.
Michael L. Hawkins & Associates- These attorneys have significant experience in managing DWI cases in Kentucky.

You will have to give following expenses to get a plea of guilty for first Kentucky DWI-
 License reinstatement Fee: $40
Fine: $200.00-$500.00
The consequences of drunk driving are high and therefore it is vital to have a skilled lawyer to fight for your driving rights. The experienced lawyer would try to reduce or eliminate the negative affect of Kentucky DWI.


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