Louisiana DUI Laws 


Louisiana dui laws allow arresting of those people who at the time of driving are under the influence of alcohol or drug. More precisely said the people who are driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or more will be arrested. The consequences of Louisiana dui laws are quite sever and so should be dealt properly. The reason behind it being so sever is there were innumerable cases found of drunken driving which caused injury and death for many people.

Two cases that can trigger you at the time of Louisiana dui arrest:
The first case that can activate upon you is the criminal case which will put upon you various kinds of drunken driving punishments like fines, jail punishment and many more. The other one is hearing of Public safety case of Louisiana department which will revoke your driving license privileges, similar to Maine Dwi laws. Incase at the time of BAC test you refuse undergoing it you will be triggered with additional punishments and fines and it is also regarded as an offence.

Consequences of dui convictions in Louisiana:

1st dui offence:
Your fine may range from $300 to $1000 and punishment of 10 days to six months of jail. License can be revoked for about 90 days.

2nd dui offence:
License can be revoked for nearly one year. One year of imprisonment with a fine of $750 to $1000.

3rd dui offence:
If you are in this category you will have to pay a mandatory fine of $2000 and jail for 1 to 5 years. Your license can be suspended for around 2 years.

4th dui offence:
Your license will be cancelled for 2 years and a mandatory fee of $5000. You will also be entitled to jail for nearly 10 to 30 years.

Louisiana dui law affects your driving license:
When you are arrested for dui your driving license is generally revoked and for few days you will get a temporary license. During the term of this temporary license you have a right to place your hearing for the license. There are many such rights which will benefit you to certain extent. The knowledge of these rights will only be obtainable if you seek the help of the correct Louisiana dui lawyer as they are highly knowledgeable into the legal matters.

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