Michigan DUI Laws


Driving vehicle under the influence of alcohol is hazardous to you as well as to the community. So many states in USA adopted strict DUI law, including Michigan in order to prevent drunk driving. Due to strict Michigan DUI laws, number of accidents taking place has been considerably reduced from 63% to 36%. Almost effects of Michigan DUI laws and Mississippi DWI laws are same. In Michigan 0.08 is the limit of BAC level.

Many people take help of calculators and charts to know the amount of glass they can drink before driving. But it is advisable to not drink before driving, especially if you are resident of Michigan. For drunk drivers strict laws are followed and this can lead to risk of finances, future and freedom.

Two different cases triggered for drunk driving in Michigan are:

  • Court case
  • Michigan bureau of motor vehicle case


In court cases penalties include jail time, fines, mandatory classes, and so on. Whereas if your case goes to Michigan bureau of motor vehicle then there are chances of loosing driving license for certain period of time. Here your driving privileges are at stake.

If you are caught in any of the Michigan DUI offense then, look for a quick help as there may be limited time in your hand. According to the Michigan DUI law, if you cannot take any step to save your license then automatically it will get suspended. In Michigan if you refuse for BAC test then your license can also get suspended.

What are penalties and fines in Michigan for drunk driving?

If it is your first offense then you will be fined from $100 to $500 and you will be sentenced for 93 days in jail. You may also have to bare 360 hours community service. For around 30 days your driving license can get suspended. For two years you may also have to pay $1000 as driver responsibility fee.

During the second offense amount of fine will increase from $200 to $1000. Jail time is between 5 days and 1 year. Your license plate will be removed and driving license can get cancelled for the period of one year. There are chances of vehicle getting forfeited or immobilized for around 90 to 180 days. Again you will have to pay driver responsibility fee of $1000 for 2 years.

When it comes to third drunk driving conviction, you will be fined from $500 to $5000 and jail time will be from 1 to 5 years. Your license can get suspended for 5 years. For minimum 1 and maximum 3 years your vehicle can get immobilized. As per the Michigan DUI laws you will have to pay $1000 as driver responsibility fee.

It may become difficult for you understand this law as it is very much complicated. As you have minimum 14 days time to save your license, it is advisable to consult an attorney.

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Even Mississippi DWI laws are quiet similar to those of Michigan laws and so you can even take help of attorney of Mississippi. But it is always advisable to select the lawyer of hometown. Never think that you are not going to get any outcome and don’t even surrender before the final decision is taken. When Michigan DUI law is combined with professional lawyer then automatically you are bound to get good results.


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