Minnesota DWI Laws


Minnesota DWI Laws are similar to the drunken driving laws of all other states in US. Minnesota’s DWI laws are among the strongest in the nation. In Minnesota it is a crime to drive, or be in control of any type of automobile while under the influence of alcohol, or any hazardous substance. The legal limit for Minnesota DWI Laws is .08. The number of people who got arrested under DWI Laws was 41,951 and 16,000 people got their second DWI in 2006. 

Every Minnesota DWI arrest will activate 2 cases:

  1. First, a criminal court case, where many types of drunken driving punishment can be imposed.
  2. Second, a Public Safety case of Minnesota Department. In this your Minnesota driving privileges can be affected.

Under this law, a refusal to undergo the chemical test after an arrest for drunk driving is another criminal offense which can be imposed.

Criminal penalties upon conviction for DWI are tiered, as follows:

  1. Fourth-Degree DWI- punishable by up to 90 days of jail and a fine of $1,000.
  2. Third-Degree DWI- punishable by up to 1 year of jail and a fine of $3,000.
  3. Second-Degree DWI- punishable by up to 1 year of jail and a fine of $3,000.
  4. First-Degree DWI- punishable by up to 7 years of imprisonment and a fine of $14,000.

If anybody is arrested for drunk driving in Minnesota, it is important and urgent to speak to a Minnesota DWI defense attorney. It is important to act fast because you will have very limited time to save your driver’s license after a DWI arrest.

There are few rights you have if you are arrested for violating Minnesota DWI law. Most important is that you will have the right to speak to a DWI defense attorney before going through the chemical test of checking alcohol content in your body. In case, you don’t know a lawyer required to do this then the police will give you a phone book to look for a DWI defense lawyer.

Some good lawyers in MN State for DWI are:

  1. Marsh Halberg: They have more than 100 years of combined experience. All the attorneys at Halberg Criminal Defense have ample experience and knowledge to successfully defend any Minnesota DWI case.
  2. Appelman and Eric Olson, P.A., Bloomington- They are one of the largest criminal defense firms in MN.
  3. Douglas V. Hazelton, Bloomington.

To get a plea of guilty for a first DUI (with no aggravating factors) you will at least be spending this much of money-

  • $485.00 fine
  • Fee for probation $200.00
  • Chemical Dependency Evaluation $130.00
  • $680.00 reinstatement fee for your license
  • Cost of new license ~$20.00-$25.00

It is critical to call a Minnesota DWI defense lawyer ASAP, to protect your rights if you were stopped for driving under the influence of alcohol.


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