Mississippi DWI Laws


Before 1966 Mississippi was considered to be the dry place, but then it got license to get in to the liquor business. Today the consumption of alcohol has increased considerably and it has let too many drunken driving cases. In order to control this, Mississippi DWI laws have been stricter. In this state for BAC [Blood Alcohol Test] every driver has given implied consent. As per the Mississippi DWI “Per se” law the limit of BAC is 0.08.

Two different Mississippi drunk driving cases are:

  1. Court case: Depending on the case, fine is imposed on the driver. Along with jail, there are various other punishments given. If the accused person does not agrees for BAC test then he/she may have to bare more fine.
  2. Department of motor vehicles: When your case goes for DMV hearing, you may lose your driving privileges. There are chances of losing license, but you have time of 10 days to save your license from getting suspended. If you cannot save your license then automatically it will get suspended for 90 days.


Since these both cases are complicated you need to hire professional attorney. Here are certain convictions of Mississippi DWI laws:

In the first offense you will have to pay $250 to $1000. Minimum time you have spent in jail is 48 hours. Alcohol safety education program are also conducted by the court for the offender. You can also apply for hardship exception after the first offense. This will permit you to drive while going for work, school, etc.

During the second offense amount of fine may increase from $600 to $1500. You may have to spend minimum 5 days and maximum 1 year in the jail. After the second conviction your license will get suspended for almost two years. Here you cannot apply for hardship exception. Till the duration of suspension they may also forfeit your car. If any one from your family operates the car then they will fit ignition interlock system in your car, which will not allow you to drive beyond 0.025 BAC level.

Amount of fine to be paid during the third offense is $2000 to $5000 and the imprisonment term is 1 to 5 years. License suspension for 5 years is possible and you also cannot apply for hardship exception. Similarly like second offense ignition system is attached to the car, in order to avoid driving beyond 0.025 levels.

Understanding complicated Mississippi laws is difficult but if you want to get your license back then appoint an attorney who can negotiate on your behalf.

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Mississippi DWI laws are little complicated and to deal with them take the help of professional attorney. Stop driving under the influence of alcohol and protect the community.


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