Missouri DUI Laws


The state of Missouri operates a law called as Missouri dui law, which governs drunk driving and driving while intoxicated in Missouri. The law states that a person can be arrested by the cops for Missouri dui incase he/she has blood alcohol content of about 0.08% or higher. Missouri DWI law is considered to be the toughest law of the nation. These laws are parallel to that of drunken driving laws of the Montana dwi laws. The number of people being arrested these days due to drunken driving in Missouri is being increased.

There are two cases in which Missouri DWI law will be put forth:
One of them is criminal court wherein punishments for drunken driving will be compulsory and another one is administrative hearing wherein your driving license of Missouri will be in danger. The law also states that in such cases you need to take BAC test and if you refuse to take it, they will give you around 15 days to file paper work for administrative driver’s license hearing and if you fail to do so you may lose upon your Missouri license. 

Does Missouri dwi arrest affect your driving license?
To save your driving license after disobeying Missouri dui law, you can take advantage of few rights. One such right is that you can take the help of the attorney before undergoing BAC test. In case you are not able to find any such attorney, you can ask cops for providing you with some as they have the numbers of such attorneys.

Punishments and penalties for conviction of Missouri dui laws:

First dui offence: Punishment liable to imprisonment for 6 months and a fine of $500.

Second dui offence: Punishment of 1 year jail with a fine of $1000.

Third dui offence: Punished for 5 years of jail and a fine of $5000.

At the time you are been arrested, it is very essential that you take a quick action as it might harm your Missouri driving license. In such cases it would be much preferable that you take a help of the Missouri dwi defense attorney.    

Information on good Missouri dui attorneys:
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Wines Law Offices, L.C:
The lawyers at Wines Law offices have a very good experience of solving drunken driving cases and so will be helpful in successfully defending your case than may it be any case of violating any Missouri dui or Montana dwi laws.


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