New Hampshire DUI Laws


New Hampshire DUI Laws and DWI laws are being regulated in different ways. The aspects of New Hampshire DUI that are taken into consideration for regulating these are the driving pattern, the appearance of the person and the test that the person undergoes. New Hampshire DUI laws are modeled on New Jersey DWI laws, which are the toughest in the country!

Penalty and punishment

First time

The person will not have to go to jail. A case of aggravated DWI would necessitate a person to be in jail for 1 year.

He will have to pay a minimum fee of $350 and an additional amount of $70. The maximum will be $2000 and an additional amount of $400 towards penalty. For aggravated case, the person will have to shed $500 plus an additional $100.

His license would be suspended for a period of 90days and may be extended to 2 years.

On the other hand, New Jersey DWI laws involve enforcement of a regulatory device that prevents you from driving under intoxication after the 90 day deferral of your driving license!

Second time

The person would have to go to jail for a year. He would have to undergo the offender treatment scheme.
He will have to pay $500 and an additional $100 for review. The maximum will be $2000 and $400 for review. Under New Jersey DWI, the fines are anywhere between $500 and $1000 for second time offenders!

New Hampshire DWI laws call for license suspension for three years.

A course will have to be undertaken at a driving school for a week.


Third time

The person will be arrested and kept in jail for one year.
A fine would be charged between $500 to $2000 and an additional penalty of 20% of the total fine amount would be charged.
The license would be suspended for 7 years.
No community program is necessary to be completed.


Fourth & successive crimes

The fourth and successive convictions would result in the collection of every penalty that would be collected from persons who do it for the third time. The only difference is that the license will not be reinstated for seven years. The fourth one is considered as a Felony.

Aggravated DUI

The penalties amplify if a person:
Drives 30 mph more than the prescribed speed limit;
Causes a disaster as a consequence of which a person is subjected to severe injuries.
Attempts to avoid a law enforcement official; or carries a passenger whose age is below 16.

The Aggravated DUI would also come into force if the BAC is found to be higher than 16.

According to New Jersey DWI laws first time a crime is committed, the person is just issued a warning after he is charged a fine.

The second and third offenses are treated as a crime that should not be forgiven because it might affect another person’s life.

The fourth time it is committed, the court punishes the person for misconduct and inhuman behavior.

Lawyers in New Hampshire

Ryan Russman, Timothy Harrington, Mark Stevens are all leading New Hampshire DUI attorneys who have solved several complicated cases on the same New Hampshire DUI Laws in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire DUI takes a person into custody if he fails to obey the rules. The regular blood alcohol content tests would be taken. The appearance of the person is important. The driver should never have alcohol in excess of 0.08% according to the law.

New Jersey DWI laws count as the strongest DWI laws in the entire United States. They also serve as a model set of laws for other stated like New Hampshire to model their own laws.


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