New Jersey DWI Laws


In USA, the New Jersey DWI laws are the strongest ones and are difficult to follow. Even in New Mexico DUI laws, unlike New Jersey DWI, have laws written to address up to six repeat DUI offenses!

The ability to drink alcohol varies from one individual to another. If a person drives a vehicle and gets caught for drinking more than 0.08% of alcohol, he would have to face the punishments for his doing by New Jersey DWI laws. The punishment is a blend of captivity, fine, deferral of license and counsel sessions. To settle on prior offenses, analogous accusations faced by the person who is blamed in other states will be taken into consideration.

Notice has to be given within 3 months of the assumed infringement. A manifestation in court is compulsory.

If a person is charged for the first time, he should not be of the assumption that he will be let free by the law.
In several states, the 1st DWI would lead to habitual suspension of license. Fines would be between $600 and $1200. The suspension of the license would be for 3 months.

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First crime

If the BAC is between .08 and .10, the fine will be $250 - $400 and the court will sentence the individual to 12 – 48 hours that are to be provided at the Resource Center.

The court would defer the license for 90days. Upon the arrival of the license, under New Jersey DWI laws, the court will regulate the addition of an ignition interlock mechanism for 6 months – 1 year. This device would prevent the person from driving when he is under intoxication.

BAC Greater Than .10:

If the BAC is greater than .10, the court will charge $300 - $500 and sentence the person to spend 12 – 48 hours at the Resource Center.

On the other hand, New Mexico DUI laws require a person to spend up to 3 whole months in jail for even a first time offense!

Second Offense:

Upon the second conviction, the fine will be $500 - $1,000. The person will be required to spend 30 days in community service and a period of 48 hour in prison. It may sometimes be changed to 3 months.

Third and Subsequent Offenses:

The third and succeeding offenses are penalized by $1,000. The court would sentence the person to a minimum of 6 months in jail. Out of these 3 months would be devoted towards alcohol treatment. The license would be suspended for 10 years.

The New Jersey DWI laws have been the toughest ones in the whole of USA. New Jersey DWI laws are the DWI laws that are popular throughout the country as well. Another interesting way of tackling DUI is the approach of the New Mexico DUI laws.  The New Mexico DUI laws do not severely punish at a single offense, but they increase the severity of punishment by the number of times it has been committed. This means that according to New Mexico DUI laws, the more you repeat, the worse it gets.


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