Oklahoma DUI Laws


First Offense:

The first time a person gets convicted in Oklahoma under the Oklahoma DUI Laws, the license is immediately suspended for a month. According to Oklahoma DUI Laws almost 10 days will have to be spent in a jail. It might get extended to 1 year also. A fine of $1,000 will be charged from that person. Other charges would include a $75 towards processing fee, a $25 towards reinstatement and a $200 towards trauma fee. Oklahoma DUI laws are far more pocket-friendly than Oregon DWI laws. Oregon DWI laws call for fines of up to 6250$ for first time offenders!

Second Offense:

The second DUI will be treated as a felony conviction in case it happens within 10 years of the earlier DUI. The person will have to go to jail for a year and might have to spend 5 more years. He will be fined up to $2,500. The license will be cancelled for 6 months. Other fees might include a $75 towards processing fee, a $25 towards reinstatement fee, a $200 towards trauma fee and $150 fee for a constrained license if permitted by the court.

Third Offense:

The 3rd and successive convictions all treated as felonies. The driver would be imprisoned for 1 year and it might get extended for 10 years. The fine will be $10,000 and the license will be cancelled for 1 year. Other costs would include a $75 towards processing fee, a $25 towards reinstatement fee, a $200 towards trauma fee and $150 fee for a limited license if acceptable by the court. Apart from this, the driver would have to shell out money for an ignition interlock mechanism that has to be installed in his vehicle. A third time offence in Oregon can pull up Oregon DUI laws to revoke your license altogether permanently, unless you file a petition to courts after 10 long years.

In Oklahoma it is unlawful to activate an automobile with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or above. The .08 limit is the standard limit used transversely in the United States for the "impaired" person. Oklahoma has lesser BAC limits for drivers of business vehicles and persons who are below 21 years of age. Oklahoma DUI laws also forbid driving while on drugs and alcohol or the blend of the two.

It's complicated to accurately envisage each individual driver's BAC level. There are diagrams and calculators that can be used as reference, however these do not reflect on all factors that donate to a BAC score.

In Oklahoma the corporal work of driving an automobile means that a person has agreed to present himself for a chemical test if an officer demands it. These tests include blood, urine and breathe tests. If the person does not allow an officer to do this, his license would be snatched. The license may be suspended for 6 months or even for 3 years if the person declines these tests.


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The Oklahoma DUI laws are the strength of the Oklahoma Government. They have been able to maintain road safety rules by punishing several people who have been found guilty of drunken driving and have in a way caused serious damage to several people. Oregon DWI laws on the other hand are a lot heavier on the fines. With third time offences bringing in fines that could go all the way up to a whopping $125000, drunks in Oregon will surely think before starting their engines!


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