Tennessee DUI Laws


The Tennessee DUI laws are similar to any other state in U.S. Driving under influence/ intoxication (DUI) is a major crime where a person can be given punishment by a police officer. According to the Tennessee DUI laws and Texas DWI laws the government is required to prove that the person was driving or in physical control of a vehicle on any road, parking area, or even an alley while under the influence of alcohol or even drugs with a content of.08% or higher in the blood. If you're found to have blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or higher then you're driving illegally according to the Tennessee DUI laws.

If you drive with consuming alcohol in Tennessee, you are risking of losing your life as well as you will lose:

your driving license, can go to jail and loose a lot of money on fines, court fees, bail money, attorney fees, vehicle storage and towing charges, bear the cost of the Ignition Interlock System, fees for license reinstatement, and higher insurance costs also. And if you're a teenager under the influence or possession of alcohol, you'll get your driving license suspended for 1 year or until you turn to the age of 17, whichever is longer.
Most of the dui cases in Tennessee are described as bad behavior and the penalties are much serious. On occasion of first conviction the person is sentenced to a maximum sentence of 11 months, 29 days or a minimum of 48 hours in jail or 7 days in jail if at the time of the offense the person’s blood alcohol content was found to be 0.20% or higher.

The person is also required to pay a minimum of $350 as fine and court costs.  If you are caught in a case if dui then it is advised that you should not accept your fault. You have the right to hire a dui attorney who would represent you and help you get your penalties reduced. There are many attorneys who would charge you on an hourly basis. This means that you would have to pay the attorney for the number of hours that he or she would have spent on your case. There are various payment plans that every attorney has. So, be sure that you discuss about all the payment plans in the beforehand only so that you are prepared financially to meet the expenses.
If you've been arrested and charged under Tennessee DUI laws, you will face criminal charges that have long lasting and serious effects on your life.

Call an experienced DUI attorney or DUI lawyer right away. Once you have hired an experienced Tennessee DUI laws or Texas DWI laws lawyer they will need to work quickly to prepare your case for your first preliminary hearing or trial; to obtain a copy of the police report and videotape, to review the evidence and develop legal and factual defenses. Steven Oberman, Richter & Rasberry, P.C James, and A.H. Bell are some of the lawyers for Tennessee dui cases.

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